MIDIBass 303 Mark II

August 2011: Please note the revised installation procedure for the DIN sync connections. This can be applied to existing boards, if you want to generate MIDI clock from another DIN sync device acting as master and connected to the 303 SYNC input.

The MIDIBass 303 is the ultimate MIDI retrofit for the classic Roland TB-303.

As you'd expect, MIDIBass allows the 303 synth section to be controlled by any MIDI keyboard or sequencer.
And now the Mark II version adds MIDI control over filter cutoff.

More significantly, MIDIBass transmits the notes from the 303's internal sequencer via MIDI - giving you the ability to capture the unique quality of patterns created through the TB user-interface.
This is ideal for further editing or chaining patterns on a PC or hardware sequencer, pattern backup, or doubling-up the 303 sound with another synth.

MIDIBass 303 Mark II


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If you are looking for the installation notes for the mark I board, you'll find them here.

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